Level 5 DSM - Energy Performance Certificates


Virtual building analysis. Assessing and optimising the environmental performance of the built environment from design through operation. Using the latest perfromance analysis software, quantifying, verifying and optimising results against your project's sustainable performance objectives. We have some of the most experienced Accredited Energy Assessors in the country who are able to work in all regions and on all building types using both SBEM and DSM. Employing approved, award winning and in-depth suite of integrated analysis tools we've carried out numerous DSM Part L compliance calculations on a wide range of buildings.


Our architectural analysis is specifically designed to meet the needs of Architects for sustainable analysis.

By enabling informed sustainable design decisions we help you deliver ambitious performance goals while seeking opportunities to keep costs appropriate.

Our service helps you build a picture of your project, taking into account a whole range of performance characteristics. We can test different design options, identify best passive solutions, compare low-carbon technologies, and draw conclusions on energy use, CO2 emissions, occupant comfort, light levels, airflow, Part L, BREEAM, EPC ratings, and much more.


Expert design & compliance modelling. Part L, compliance production of BRUKL; New & existing buildings regardless of size and complexity.